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2018年11月20日 (火)

coming back of paris

  fifa World Cup last: sounds coming back of paris as Hong Kongs Frenchfanzone narrow ways European special events a little too much parceledfanzone in the Kerry Hotel dance-room copies air back home while bar is made full with fans of all having certain religion, including Croatia supporters A senseof Anticipation takes over as Antoine griezmann lines up a free-kick Its was free in motion in and in a something not seen clearly the ball is in the back of the net.arms and beer fly every-where as some attempt to Escape the downpour andothers lift umbrellas. A band of persons giving song or dance of seven NationArmy break out.

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  The Joy does not last long. Ivan perisic equalises to quietness the great number of persons. A half-heart Allez Les Bleus fails to get a grip. Doubt creeps in.

  After Russia last division of music or play, World Cup chief place now turns toQatar 2022 and its questions for hosting in four years

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  Hotel working group attempt to get people to stop positioned on tables andseats, but as soon as they let go of its back to high vantage points to lock acontrol. It comes and goes but a play again comes upon the attention.punishment? VAR. A second check. The wait is too much for some and theytwisted hair hanging down back for beers or roll cigarettes. Its given and that istoo much for others as they turn away from griezmann stepping up. Those withumbrellas at the ready are rewarded as the mosh mine showers itself in beeragain. 2-1. made wet in drink, get wet drops on skin and still wet from the rain.

  French supporters have a reaction in a bar after France scored for the fourthtime during the last. picture by camera: EpA half-time. The lights come up to jointo the sense of building used for the arts, as does people running for the bar,bathroom and a smoke break. Those who keep in place are politely asked be toquiet and money given for work attention to the supported by good chance, rightly outline under the great-sized screen at the far end of the room. feelingsare too high for those at the back. The room is have thoughts of the past of amusic great event in that each screen has a very different vibe.

  great amount are not present as the second half gets under way. They aremoving in through the go out.

  fifa World Cup: France over-power Croatia to keep from opening Russia 2018right to property in manic Moscow last

  down steps, the vibe is way less very strong (great). More covers, thoughsmaller, and great amount of view lines middle, half way between no one is lostthe acting but they are not put at point at which rays come together on the same screen. Its less a shared experience. people coming in have missed an end, purpose.

  I attempt to keep up the charade so loved one of sitcoms of being on 2 dates inone night, but having knowledge of how that ends, I desire the croatians all thebest in my heart. France has my full attention.

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  France fans have a reaction while watching the 2018 fifa World Cup lastbetween France and Croatia at the Kerry Hotel in Hung Hom. lost an end, purpose is more interestingly felt on a higher floor. people get up step as theyhear the room, a give comfort takes around a full run quickly over a short distance. one supporter voices regret to his current lover that they have missed2 ends, purposes. They get back in just for mandzukic to make it 4-2. There area fearful 20 minutes left in Moscow. If they are fearful, then they keep secret itwith another without strong desires, feelings giving of song, etc of the personcountry song.

  fifa World Cup: Kylian mbappe makes Les Bleus have belief in as France fans inHong Kong lift the roof at Spiga

  Some fans have their tops off. Some are easily seen worse for damage, themakes waste of the now ended free-flow.

  Many were wise to that and have made store of beers. tins are cracked asothers fly around the air. The great event vibe is in full moving liquid. 2 fans atthe front of the screen come into view as to be either unable to see drunk,having a body-less experience or are doing a play artists.

  The screen cuts out. great fear. The fans turn to their left to the far end of theroom. The lines come back a minute later is greeted with a cry of approvallouder than any end, purpose. tins and beer fly. songs ring out. people are onthe floor. The smell of old, dry beer makes full the air. Time ticks by.

  French fans note on the Champs-Elysees in paris. picture by camera: xinhuaInjury-time takes more songs. The loudest still. The World Cup is seconds away.waterdrops from eyes join the beer in raining down. people are on tables, onshoulder and surfing over the hands of the great number of persons. special events are shared from kind high-fives to early pushing. If the UFE wanted tomake a European supporter band, part then they have done just that, to thebemusement of the hotel working group.

  fifa World Cup: France and Croatia fans make connection up to watch Moscowlast in Hong Kong, communities coming together for a common specially pleasing thought

  Soon after the whistle, the covers cut out and are pulled up. The fans will not beseeing their group lift the Cup but they note them getting it. Some dance ontables, one man holds his shoe above his head as he dances with friends. Thesongs ring out. Some head for the doors, a few putting their with nothing in tinsin the box, others do not need the night to end.

  The group of persons continued down steps, for them, either in the bar orhanging out of sunroofs. in the time between, the clean-up starts.

  addition: The UFE emailed on Monday morning to go to person in authority thatthe hotel will request for payment them with a bill for the damage done duringthe event.

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